Friday, January 1, 2010

Wordplay Challenge #26: The Blurt

I'm a blurter. Are you a blurter?
So often (probably too often) I just say what's in my head,
regardless of whether it follows logically from what's already been said.

This vice can actually be a virtue, though,
as you'll find in this challenge,
which is, simply, to blurt out any thoughts that come to mind,
pick your favorite(s),
and continue journaling from there.
Even the most illogical or random thought
is rooted somewhere in our experiences or desires or confusions,
so why not pursue that non sequitur
or that faux pas
and give it the glory it deserves?

Here are some of my recent blurts:

I spend too much time becoming rather than being.
(This one, while doing dishes. I could see this "blurt" being developed into a page all about my conflicting views of timing and planning versus seizing the day).

ETA: Check out my blog to see where this thought took me.

I love the moonlight.
(This one, while staring up at a red moon -- which should have been a blue moon -- through a cloud of firecracker smoke, ignoring the aerial fireworks around me. I could see this "blurt" included in a reflection about New Year's Eve and what's truly worth noticing and appreciating in the world around me).

Exercise is just not my thing.
(This one, as I add "exercise" to my list of resolutions anyway. I could use this to jump start a calendar page or a mini album documenting my progress over the year).

Her beauty astounds me.
(This one, as my daughter flicks and jabs my husband, in a most unladylike manner. I could use this to expound upon what makes my daughter beautiful in my eyes).

The dimming of the afternoon sunlight makes me wistful.
(This one, just now as I look outside the window. I can see this working into something more symbolic, maybe a page built around a photo of the sunlight on the leaves outside, with the journaling not really about the photo, but more "around" the photo).

See how it's done?
Blurt away!


Lauren said...

Did you change the background and header of the blog? Looks nice!

I've been coming here for inspiration and ideas.

Jill said...

Yep, sure did! :)

Debbi Tehrani said...

Hi, Jill. Just re-discovered this blog. Love it, and I wish you'd continue your challenges!